Corporate RE Solutions

Coldwell Banker Commercial has succeeded in positioning itself as a key player in the most important corporate relocations in Mexico. We work to provide our clients with intelligent personalized services so as to maximize space and costs that are implicit in any real estate investment that is integral to our clients’ corporate branding strategy.

A change of space not only includes optimizing work spaces and improving shared services areas but also generating a new identity to drive new business. Part of reinventing oneself includes being in the right location, achieving new exposure and better corporate branding, among other opportunities.

We take our clients step by step through a Master Real Estate Plan, because we know that the selection of office location is one of the most important and critical aspects of the operation of any business.

Our key advantages and how they translate into benefits for our clients.

  • Bring to fruition a relocation or new space opening using a broker.
  • Providing strategic information.
  • Documention of the entire process.
  • Benchmarking so clients can compare performance with their competitors.

  • Our clients benefit from our expertise because they can stay focused on their core business without distraction. We stay focused on important details like cost of space per employee, total work area, and legal and financial details and information.
  • Highest and best use of your business’s property assets.
  • Complete documentation of the entire process.
  • Highly focused on your business’s competitive environment and the need to find the most strategic location.