Institutional Relations

Coldwell Banker Commercial provides advisory and operations execution services to organizations and the government sector to develop and make strategic decisions regarding their real estate assets through a single point of contact.

Our government sector services team collaborates in a professional and transparent way to implement the real estate policy of various agencies in accordance with the provisions of the law. We have the ability to understand, comply with and capitalize on the regulations, policies and demands of the government sector.

We comply with the criteria and technical methodology of INDAABIN for the process of leasing and buying real estate according to the corresponding appraisal.

Our services include evaluating space needs and reducing costs focusing on the most appropriate property providing alternatives that comply with the surface, area, cost structure and specific state of the building. In fact, our vision is oriented towards optimizing space with a long-term vision and through an exhaustive analysis of a diversity of present and future requirements.

We support and coordinate interactions, engaging in negotiations directly with owners. In this way, CBC is a strategic partner that provides an invaluable added-value for our clients.

Our key advantages and how they translate into benefits for our clients.

  • Single point of contact.
  • Deep knowledge of the market.
  • Direct contact with property owners.
  • Experience.
  • Saves time.
  • Immediate analysis of alternatives.
  • Reduced response times.
  • Leadership in execution.