Retail Services

Coldwell Banker Commercial’s Retail Services are designed to meet the needs of our clients who want to rent or sell commercial properties located on the street or in shopping centers. Our Retail Services area also attends to the needs of businesses or sole proprietors who are expanding or opening up new operations.

This includes representing them as tenants and in their property searches. At Coldwell Banker Commercial we offer exclusive representation for business owners providing personalized follow-up and attention with informative monthly update reports.

We provide complete advice and consultation for successful contract closings, giving our clients the confidence they need for future real estate transactions with us, opening doors for future opportunities as they arise.

Our key advantages and how they translate into benefits for our clients.

  • Commercial property location and searches.
  • Personalized, exclusive property management services.
  • Deep knowledge of the commercial property market.

  • Cost and time savings for our clients.
  • Successful navigation through complicated processes so our clients stay focused on what they do best.
  • Maximization of favorable conditions to the client’s advantage.
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